Monday, 1 May 2017

Respect the Hustle.

A few months back I had a chat with a friend after a long time. I was asked what Job I do for a living and deliberately I said am a hustler. The next question was how do you feed your family?  What does your wife do? So you just survive on your wife’s salary? So you are more like a house husband.

I just laughed off the questions my friend was asking. It actually got me thinking how we look down on people not in Formal Employment. It’s quite sad we are a society that believes to make it in life and to be successful one has to be in employment. From a young age we are told to go to school and get a job.

Who is a Hustler? According To a Hustler is someone who knows how to get money from others. A hustler is someone who makes miney in any way they can or want.  Huslers are peiple who are forced to use their brains to make it in this world. 
They are street-smart. They know how to get money and is skilled at doing it to.

From the definitions above, we are all hustlers. The only difference is how we do it. Some do it with by being in employment and some by being Entrepreneurs. For Example take a person who repairs phones at town Centre. He makes on average about a K100 per phone he repairs. If he repairs just a minimum of 5 a day that’s K500 kwacha in a day. He works Six days in a week meaning he makes K3000 a week. In a month he would make K12,000. He also buys and broken phones and repairs them and resale’s them. He probably makes more than an average accountant who gets a net salary of K6000. Before you look down on someone just because you are in formal employment do the math.

They are many Examples I can give about the people in informal employment. But the bottom line is we need to change the way we look at the people in informal employment. In Life all careers are important. A person wakes up early morning to sale newspapers at the street lights provides newspapers and airtime at your convenience. The woman that goes around the neighborhood selling vegetables saves ones time and transport to the supermarket.

Let’s Celebrate the Hustle. Besides when you buy from the Talk time guy on the street you sending a child to school, you are helping feed a family just the same way when you get paid to your salary at the end of the month. This Labor Day let’s celebrate the hustlers out there for they make the world a better place and keep the wheels in motion. Gone should be the days we get to see a house for rent saying “only those in employment can rent this house or only bankers can rent this house”.  Good things don’t come to those who wait but to those who hustle.

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Where Are the Zambian Youth

Yesterday in Zambia we celebrated Youth day. As usual the Minister of Youth Sport and child development  Honorable Vincent Mwale graced the annual occasion at freedom statue in Lusaka. We also had her Honor the Republican vice president Mrs Inonge Wina also graced the event where she gave a speech. As usual youth employment, youth empowerment initiatives where addressed in the  speech.

Its quite sad that yesterday at youth day they where fights between youths from the United Party for National Development and from the Patriotic Front. It is reported that a female UPND youth was stripped naked. Is this what our youths have been reduced to.

Our actions shape our future. The Zambian youth is sowing seeds of violence, hatred, tribalism and intolerance. Its High time the Youth stood together to be vigilant. to be vigilant in the fight as one in the fight against corruption and eradicating poverty. We know times are hard and Jobs are scarce but its time to put our heads together not sell out for a case of Chibuku or a few Lagers. 

Politicians will Give us the youth a few kwacha and some  beers and and we go all out beating up and insulting our opponents just to appease the buyer of our loyalty. We have become loyal to the Belly rather than Loyal to our Country and bettering our Zambia.

The Say the Youth are tomorrow's Leaders but is the youth today ready to be tomorrow's leader?

World over youths have made a mark on the world for their amazing and extra ordinary work. A few weeks ago I finished a book bought for me by my wife on my birthday entitled "I Am Malala". Malala Yousafzai is a Pakistani teen who is a girl child education activist who stood up against the Taliban.  she was only 15 years old when she was shot and almost killed by the Taliban.

In neighboring Malawi we have the boy who harnessed the wind William Kamkwamba who with very little education and some old text books and determination constructed  a windmill that would bring electricity and water to his village. Maybe Zesco can get hold of this Malawian and he can help ease the load shedding woes we are facing.

In South Africa we have Nkosi Johnson born Xolani Nkosi who was born with the HIV virus and was refused admition to a public school because of his HIV status. He became a powerful speaker for treating HIV victims with equality and respect.

In Zambia the youth have been instrumental in shaping the history of our country especially in reintroducing multiparty politics in 1991.

We also have the likes Mawano Kambeu aka ba Dot Com who I have met and interacted with who is a youth to look up to. He testimony that the  Zambian dream is still there for the taking. He is the founder of Dot Com Zambia and Bus Tickets Zambia.

We also have the likes off Mohammed  Essa who flew the Zambian flag high when he won the 2012 African rally championship with two races to spare.

Catherine Phiri  the female boxer who is the WBC Bantam weight champion of the world. The Catherine Phiri story is a story of determination. A boxing sensation who despite her new found fame went back to school to continue her education.

To the Zambian youth Will you Look up to these model youths and make something out of your life or Sell out to the politician? Get Up and Stand Up. Say No to Political Violence.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

The First Lady's Gig

Last week On 5th march 2016 The first lady Mrs. Esther Lungu had a fundraising dinner at the government complex where she was raising funds for the Esther Lungu foundation trust whose main aim is to combat child marriages and gender based violence. 
The tickets for the event where going for K2,500.00 and they was music performed by uncle Rex and the band who are one of the best bands in the country and comedy by Kelvin and company. The event was a success.

From 1991 to date the Zambian first lady has always been involved in some charity work of some sort. from the Hope Foundation to the Easter Lungu foundation trust The first ladies have done some commendable work. 

Why have these organization's just lasted the life span of the presidency of the husband. Why hasnt any of these organizations outlived the duration of the term of office for the president. Once the husband leaves office, the organization ceases to exist. This questions the motive behind the fomation of these organization's.

The Hope foundation Born 1991 died the day Vera Chiluba left state house. The Maureen Mwanawasa initiative was born in 2001 and died the day his Excellency Levy Mwanawasa died. Thandiwe Banda's organization also ceased to exist the day President Rupiah Bwezani Banda lost the election. Mama Christine Kaseba Sata didn't form any organization but was a advocate for cervical cancer and did some medical operations in rural area's and the gallant woman's work stopped the day His Excellency Michael Chilufya Sata Died.

We now have the Esther Lungu foundation trust.  Will it also suffer the same fate.
Personally if I was to open a charitable organization I would want it to out live even my life. Is it because the first ladies just do humanitarian work just because of the husbands job or they use the humanitarian aid as a campaign tool for the husband's presidency and political party?
Could it be the same reason three of the past first ladies have ventured into politics, Vera Chiluba was member of parliament and once served as deputy environment minister. Maureen Mwanawasa has of late been on the campaign trail for the UPND. Christine Kaseba Sata wanted to be adopted as the PF presidential candidate when her husband passed on.

Could it be that once your leave the presidency funds are hard to come across. I believe if these organizations are created in good faith they can outlive the lifespan of the first lady.
With the status as former first lady I don't think the ladies can find it difficult to organize funds for their organizations. They are organizations like the USAID that give funding to N.G.O's as long as they is an agenda and plan on how funds should be used.
Previously we hard parliament debate the allocation of funds for the office of the first lady and funds where allocated. Before such decisions are made its important to analyze the motive of the works of the first ladies.

This is not to say their work is not noble but to say it should go beyond their stay at nkwazi house.

If these foundation's  can outlive their creator's it would be a great legacy to leave behind when. The Stage for immortality has been already set and all they need is their works to do the talking. The likes of mother Theresa, Pope John Paul, Bob Marley, the beetles and many others are being talked about today because of there work and talent.

To the first ladies,  your husband's name is engraved in the history books of this country. What about you what will you be remembered for. Will you just be the first lady or the first lady who touched and changed lives even beyond your husbands presidency. Will you use your position to Enrich your self, Campaign for your spouse, setup a political platform for your future or use it to Change lives

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Now I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

                                                 Angelou, date unknown. Photograph by Chester Higgins Jr./Getty.

I was busy working on my desk then my workmate told me Maya Angelou has passed on. And I was like Maya Who?  She was like you seriously don’t know Maya Angelou? Yeah I don’t I said. Who is she I asked. 

I am one person who is always curious and I always want to research about something that I don’t know about.  So I went on and did my research and I was like Gosh where have I been for the 20 plus years i have been on earth for me not to have a clue about who Maya Angelou is. 

I did my research and all I can say is wow.  Most people are inspired by her works but what inspired me more was Her Life. How she Became an Inspiration, How she over Came, How a restaurant cook, a prostitute a female street car conductor in San Francisco went on to dine with Kings. Its a remarkable Story of a woman who is Immortal through her works.

Maya Angelou

Like a rose that grew from the concrete you Where,
Defiled nature’s laws,
Age 8 you sexually abused and raped by her mother's boyfriend,
Age 17 Three weeks after completing school you gave birth to your son Clyde
The Odds where stuck against you,

Like a rose that is growing from a Concrete,
Who would think that you will excel.
A restaurant cook, a prostitute.
A female street car conductor in San Francisco
Raising her son without job training or advanced education
The world thought you were defeated,

You refused to be defeated,
You refused to give Up
You kept on going

Despite The Odds
You proved to the world
Your Story is a Story of Hope,
A story of Breakthrough.

With a Pen and Paper you did a great Job
You inspired and Changed lives
May Your Soul  Rest in piece

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The Enviroment. IT begins with You

Yesterday 6 July 2013 i saw Edith Nawakwi posted on her Facebook Page what the FDD ware doing in our community. They ware Collecting Garbage and disposing off garbage with a view to make our neighborhoods Green and Clean. This is something that must be commended by every well meaning Human being.

 Our Cities and towns are becoming very dirty because of us. i remember some time back when the keep Zambia clean campaign was in full swing i was eating a banana and i threw the banana peal outside the car window and a little  girl that was a passenger in the car just said "Brian Keep Zambia Clean". Every one started laughing at me and ever since i am ashamed to throw litter. any how. i would walk around with a empty coca cola bottle until i get home or i find a bin to throw it.

Some friends ask me why the hassle of me trying to find a bin for me to throw the litter all when i can just throw it anywhere on the street. I bet we all ask our selves such questions to why we should bother when we can just throw and the council will find people to clean the streets. What if we all would have a mentality of keeping the cities clean? We are quick to say Lusaka is very dirty but what are you doing about it. why did you throw that choclate wraper on the street?

 Even in restaurants, its very disgusting you sit on a table and they are left overs all over the table. we usually say the is  someone paid to clean the table so why bother throwing my left overs in the bin that is usually 2 or 3 meters away. the same mentality is what is killing us and its these small habits that when left unaddressed are making our city and neighborhoods more dirty. It all begins with you.
 Lets Commend Madam Edith Nawakwi for not waiting to get to state house to make a difference.  This must be a lesson to all political office aspirants that they must first make a difference then that's when they should aspire to represent people.

we all have something we can do to make a difference and its the little thing we do that makes a big difference.
The Environment must be taken care of for the future generations to enjoy. It all begins  with you, Plant a tree in your yard, plant Grass, flowers. Its funny in Chalala that was a bush some 10 years ago one may its very rare to find a tree because they have all been cut down. you wonder how it wold be like in the next 10 years. one would have to go to the outskirts of town just to see a tree.

Thanks to the experience i had at Fist Quantum Minerals i now understand and am passionate about the environment and i learnt a Lot from the Environmental and safety Team that ensured that the environment was taken care of. it used to seem that the guys ware just trying to make things difficult but the ware and are doing service to the planet.

what if we all could throw our garbage in the right place?

let us support madam Edith Nawakwi in her quest to clean our city. this should  be something that is  above political affiliation. this should not only be done in Lusaka but all  over. we can volunteer to be a part of this program and make the world a better place.

Youths let us Volunteer to be a Part of the Green and Clean Team. You not doing anyone but your self a favor. I am Proud of what Madam Nawakwi and her team are Doing. and every well meaning Zambian should be proud


NB. Pictures from Edith Nawakwi's Facebook Page

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Dependancy The Con's

When will we ever come to live within our means as a nation and not being dependent on Aid for us to achieve our goals? when will we ever be self reliant? these are the questions i ussually ask my self.

the problem is very big and its rooted deep within our communities, society and homes.

I saw a letter from one cultural association  asking for money in order for them to carry out a named tradition ceremony. My heart was filled with sorrow  because this Ceremony has been carried out Annually for decades and the people that are in these associations are some of the people we call great minds and have prominent business's in this country. No wonder Chiefs Sell mining rights at a cheap to the foreign mining companies. we think they giving a favor when in fact they corrupting us with the small gifts.

Take for example take Luke who works is a manager in company x and Chris who is his subordinate. Luke usually asks for money from Chris, goes for drinks on Chris's pocket. Chris comes for work late and is not giving in 100%,  will Luke be in a position to Discipline Chris accordingly. theoretically you will say its possible but practically the saying "don't bite the hand that feeds you" will come into play.

what is my point, a person you always beg from owns you and you are bound to follow whatever direction he or she leads you. Take for example in the case of the Named ceremony, Company's will give money and when the time comes, because they give you hand outs for  carrying out your ceremony you will bow down to whatever demand they asking you because you will fear tomorrow they will be no money in our coffers to organise the ceremony.

we think they do us a favor when we actually do them a favor. Advertising and a Good image. what if the organizers of the ceremonies have to tell the companies
  • if you want to put up billboards around the area during the ceremony pay so much, 
  • paint your company colors on the shelters, pay so much
  • For the company Branded T-Shirts, pay so much
  • Exclusive TV rights to cover the ceremony
if they ware to operate in such a manner do you think they will be always begging year in year out for hand outs?

Companies will the the ones rushing to them to buy these  products  and invest in these ceremonies because at the end of the day its the companies that get almost free advertising for a donation that is a drop in the ocean out of there marketing budget. free TV coverage for the billboards they put across, free PR appraisals and they will boast its parts of there corporate social responsibility.

Same goes to the many soccer teams in Zambia. they are very capable of running on there own but rely on handouts from various companies. They can make companies pay for having there names on their shirts, bill boards around the stadium and Replica Jerseys. we have a soccer loving nation and to my surprise the national team jersey's are only plenty because of the many Gonga that spell Football Assoclation of Zambia instead of Football Association of Zambia. Where will i get to buy a Nkana FC Jersey, Power Dynamo's Jersey, Kabwe Warriors jersey, Mighty Mufurila Wanderers Jersey? As for the Zanaco, Zesco United i know i can only get them if i have strong links to people that work for Zanaco and Zesco respectively.

I know i have Friends that want to don the Colors of our local Clubs but where do we get them. How can i Proudly say i Support Roan Football club when the closest i can get to a Roan United Shirt is a Newcastle United or Juventus Jersey.

All in all dependency begins with you. we all have our talents and something out our disposal to make things out of our lives. the moment we change our perspective and stop waiting on someone to improve our lives that's the moment we will truly develop. Like Pompi puts its its not the Tree it is the Root that's why we bearing all the wrong fruits.  it all starts with the mentality of the citizen.

The Big Question, Will i live to see a Zambia that is self sufficient in my life time?


Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Are we Fit To Be called Zambian?

I have observed that we have developed a tendency of calling the  presidency names and insults. Zambia is a Christian nations and from a christian perspective it is wrong to be insulting the president and calling him names like Ukwa, Chimbwi No Plan This is wrong and un-African to be calling elders names and insulting them

we gave his Excellency a 5 year mandate to take us forward. if he  does not perform we vote him out of power.

this is 2013 not 1813. they are better ways of getting our points across rather than using insults. no one is perfect apart from Christ almighty so we need to develop a level of maturity in the way we blog about the presidency.

On the issue of the by elections i don't blame the PF government for inciting them  but the opposition. Take for example the ABUSE OF AUTHORITY CLAUSE the PF wanted this important peace of legislature back in the constitution but the opposition members  did not want it. The role of the opposition is to provide checks and balances not to oppose everything the ruling party comes up with even if its for the well being of our country. This was and and is not good because its going to frustrate and hinder progress of the country. what do you do if you don't have the majority in such a case? Poach opposition MP's so that you can have the majority and make it easy to implement your policies because once 2016 comes and the policies your promised the people are not implemented the people will not entrust you to another term because the opposition made it difficult for you to perform, no one will buy that. Blame the opposition for being intolerant and not seeking dialogue to solve there issues with the government.

The removal of subsidies has hit us all bad but that doesn't mean we should call Our President names.
Let us be patient and wait to see what our sacrifices would  yield. the PF has 3 more years to go. they are times in our homes when we cut don on certain things just so that our brothers and sisters can go to school, university or college, build a house. we don't see the benefits right there and then but we get to see them in the long term. when our fathers make sacrifices to build a home and send us to school by cutting down on meat rations and increase kapenta rations do we get to insult them and call them names.

The presidency is the highest office of the land and the President is the father of the nation. Lets respect him and learn to ague like mature human beings. i was a keen follower of British politics when David Cameroon was still in the opposition and Gordon Brown was PM. you would never hear David insult Gordon. that's the level we should be at. not what i am witnessing. A house divided against it self can not stand.

Question 1 
would you insult your own Father

Question 2
would you call your father names just because you don't get things your way.

Now by Calling the presidency all sorts of names are you fit to be Zambian??

NB: i am non partisan i just support the Government of the Day be it MMD, PF, UNIP, UPND, FDD or Mike Mulongoti's Party. My Vote is my secret.