Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Are we Fit To Be called Zambian?

I have observed that we have developed a tendency of calling the  presidency names and insults. Zambia is a Christian nations and from a christian perspective it is wrong to be insulting the president and calling him names like Ukwa, Chimbwi No Plan e.tc. This is wrong and un-African to be calling elders names and insulting them

we gave his Excellency a 5 year mandate to take us forward. if he  does not perform we vote him out of power.

this is 2013 not 1813. they are better ways of getting our points across rather than using insults. no one is perfect apart from Christ almighty so we need to develop a level of maturity in the way we blog about the presidency.

On the issue of the by elections i don't blame the PF government for inciting them  but the opposition. Take for example the ABUSE OF AUTHORITY CLAUSE the PF wanted this important peace of legislature back in the constitution but the opposition members  did not want it. The role of the opposition is to provide checks and balances not to oppose everything the ruling party comes up with even if its for the well being of our country. This was and and is not good because its going to frustrate and hinder progress of the country. what do you do if you don't have the majority in such a case? Poach opposition MP's so that you can have the majority and make it easy to implement your policies because once 2016 comes and the policies your promised the people are not implemented the people will not entrust you to another term because the opposition made it difficult for you to perform, no one will buy that. Blame the opposition for being intolerant and not seeking dialogue to solve there issues with the government.

The removal of subsidies has hit us all bad but that doesn't mean we should call Our President names.
Let us be patient and wait to see what our sacrifices would  yield. the PF has 3 more years to go. they are times in our homes when we cut don on certain things just so that our brothers and sisters can go to school, university or college, build a house. we don't see the benefits right there and then but we get to see them in the long term. when our fathers make sacrifices to build a home and send us to school by cutting down on meat rations and increase kapenta rations do we get to insult them and call them names.

The presidency is the highest office of the land and the President is the father of the nation. Lets respect him and learn to ague like mature human beings. i was a keen follower of British politics when David Cameroon was still in the opposition and Gordon Brown was PM. you would never hear David insult Gordon. that's the level we should be at. not what i am witnessing. A house divided against it self can not stand.

Question 1 
would you insult your own Father

Question 2
would you call your father names just because you don't get things your way.

Now by Calling the presidency all sorts of names are you fit to be Zambian??

NB: i am non partisan i just support the Government of the Day be it MMD, PF, UNIP, UPND, FDD or Mike Mulongoti's Party. My Vote is my secret.

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