Thursday, 29 May 2014

Now I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

                                                 Angelou, date unknown. Photograph by Chester Higgins Jr./Getty.

I was busy working on my desk then my workmate told me Maya Angelou has passed on. And I was like Maya Who?  She was like you seriously don’t know Maya Angelou? Yeah I don’t I said. Who is she I asked. 

I am one person who is always curious and I always want to research about something that I don’t know about.  So I went on and did my research and I was like Gosh where have I been for the 20 plus years i have been on earth for me not to have a clue about who Maya Angelou is. 

I did my research and all I can say is wow.  Most people are inspired by her works but what inspired me more was Her Life. How she Became an Inspiration, How she over Came, How a restaurant cook, a prostitute a female street car conductor in San Francisco went on to dine with Kings. Its a remarkable Story of a woman who is Immortal through her works.

Maya Angelou

Like a rose that grew from the concrete you Where,
Defiled nature’s laws,
Age 8 you sexually abused and raped by her mother's boyfriend,
Age 17 Three weeks after completing school you gave birth to your son Clyde
The Odds where stuck against you,

Like a rose that is growing from a Concrete,
Who would think that you will excel.
A restaurant cook, a prostitute.
A female street car conductor in San Francisco
Raising her son without job training or advanced education
The world thought you were defeated,

You refused to be defeated,
You refused to give Up
You kept on going

Despite The Odds
You proved to the world
Your Story is a Story of Hope,
A story of Breakthrough.

With a Pen and Paper you did a great Job
You inspired and Changed lives
May Your Soul  Rest in piece


  1. didn't know u have a blog Brian.

  2. Cleopatra i have had this blog but puting what is on the mind to the Blog is something els