Thursday, 4 July 2013

Dependancy The Con's

When will we ever come to live within our means as a nation and not being dependent on Aid for us to achieve our goals? when will we ever be self reliant? these are the questions i ussually ask my self.

the problem is very big and its rooted deep within our communities, society and homes.

I saw a letter from one cultural association  asking for money in order for them to carry out a named tradition ceremony. My heart was filled with sorrow  because this Ceremony has been carried out Annually for decades and the people that are in these associations are some of the people we call great minds and have prominent business's in this country. No wonder Chiefs Sell mining rights at a cheap to the foreign mining companies. we think they giving a favor when in fact they corrupting us with the small gifts.

Take for example take Luke who works is a manager in company x and Chris who is his subordinate. Luke usually asks for money from Chris, goes for drinks on Chris's pocket. Chris comes for work late and is not giving in 100%,  will Luke be in a position to Discipline Chris accordingly. theoretically you will say its possible but practically the saying "don't bite the hand that feeds you" will come into play.

what is my point, a person you always beg from owns you and you are bound to follow whatever direction he or she leads you. Take for example in the case of the Named ceremony, Company's will give money and when the time comes, because they give you hand outs for  carrying out your ceremony you will bow down to whatever demand they asking you because you will fear tomorrow they will be no money in our coffers to organise the ceremony.

we think they do us a favor when we actually do them a favor. Advertising and a Good image. what if the organizers of the ceremonies have to tell the companies
  • if you want to put up billboards around the area during the ceremony pay so much, 
  • paint your company colors on the shelters, pay so much
  • For the company Branded T-Shirts, pay so much
  • Exclusive TV rights to cover the ceremony
if they ware to operate in such a manner do you think they will be always begging year in year out for hand outs?

Companies will the the ones rushing to them to buy these  products  and invest in these ceremonies because at the end of the day its the companies that get almost free advertising for a donation that is a drop in the ocean out of there marketing budget. free TV coverage for the billboards they put across, free PR appraisals and they will boast its parts of there corporate social responsibility.

Same goes to the many soccer teams in Zambia. they are very capable of running on there own but rely on handouts from various companies. They can make companies pay for having there names on their shirts, bill boards around the stadium and Replica Jerseys. we have a soccer loving nation and to my surprise the national team jersey's are only plenty because of the many Gonga that spell Football Assoclation of Zambia instead of Football Association of Zambia. Where will i get to buy a Nkana FC Jersey, Power Dynamo's Jersey, Kabwe Warriors jersey, Mighty Mufurila Wanderers Jersey? As for the Zanaco, Zesco United i know i can only get them if i have strong links to people that work for Zanaco and Zesco respectively.

I know i have Friends that want to don the Colors of our local Clubs but where do we get them. How can i Proudly say i Support Roan Football club when the closest i can get to a Roan United Shirt is a Newcastle United or Juventus Jersey.

All in all dependency begins with you. we all have our talents and something out our disposal to make things out of our lives. the moment we change our perspective and stop waiting on someone to improve our lives that's the moment we will truly develop. Like Pompi puts its its not the Tree it is the Root that's why we bearing all the wrong fruits.  it all starts with the mentality of the citizen.

The Big Question, Will i live to see a Zambia that is self sufficient in my life time?


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