Thursday, 10 March 2016

The First Lady's Gig

Last week On 5th march 2016 The first lady Mrs. Esther Lungu had a fundraising dinner at the government complex where she was raising funds for the Esther Lungu foundation trust whose main aim is to combat child marriages and gender based violence. 
The tickets for the event where going for K2,500.00 and they was music performed by uncle Rex and the band who are one of the best bands in the country and comedy by Kelvin and company. The event was a success.

From 1991 to date the Zambian first lady has always been involved in some charity work of some sort. from the Hope Foundation to the Easter Lungu foundation trust The first ladies have done some commendable work. 

Why have these organization's just lasted the life span of the presidency of the husband. Why hasnt any of these organizations outlived the duration of the term of office for the president. Once the husband leaves office, the organization ceases to exist. This questions the motive behind the fomation of these organization's.

The Hope foundation Born 1991 died the day Vera Chiluba left state house. The Maureen Mwanawasa initiative was born in 2001 and died the day his Excellency Levy Mwanawasa died. Thandiwe Banda's organization also ceased to exist the day President Rupiah Bwezani Banda lost the election. Mama Christine Kaseba Sata didn't form any organization but was a advocate for cervical cancer and did some medical operations in rural area's and the gallant woman's work stopped the day His Excellency Michael Chilufya Sata Died.

We now have the Esther Lungu foundation trust.  Will it also suffer the same fate.
Personally if I was to open a charitable organization I would want it to out live even my life. Is it because the first ladies just do humanitarian work just because of the husbands job or they use the humanitarian aid as a campaign tool for the husband's presidency and political party?
Could it be the same reason three of the past first ladies have ventured into politics, Vera Chiluba was member of parliament and once served as deputy environment minister. Maureen Mwanawasa has of late been on the campaign trail for the UPND. Christine Kaseba Sata wanted to be adopted as the PF presidential candidate when her husband passed on.

Could it be that once your leave the presidency funds are hard to come across. I believe if these organizations are created in good faith they can outlive the lifespan of the first lady.
With the status as former first lady I don't think the ladies can find it difficult to organize funds for their organizations. They are organizations like the USAID that give funding to N.G.O's as long as they is an agenda and plan on how funds should be used.
Previously we hard parliament debate the allocation of funds for the office of the first lady and funds where allocated. Before such decisions are made its important to analyze the motive of the works of the first ladies.

This is not to say their work is not noble but to say it should go beyond their stay at nkwazi house.

If these foundation's  can outlive their creator's it would be a great legacy to leave behind when. The Stage for immortality has been already set and all they need is their works to do the talking. The likes of mother Theresa, Pope John Paul, Bob Marley, the beetles and many others are being talked about today because of there work and talent.

To the first ladies,  your husband's name is engraved in the history books of this country. What about you what will you be remembered for. Will you just be the first lady or the first lady who touched and changed lives even beyond your husbands presidency. Will you use your position to Enrich your self, Campaign for your spouse, setup a political platform for your future or use it to Change lives

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