Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The Enviroment. IT begins with You

Yesterday 6 July 2013 i saw Edith Nawakwi posted on her Facebook Page what the FDD ware doing in our community. They ware Collecting Garbage and disposing off garbage with a view to make our neighborhoods Green and Clean. This is something that must be commended by every well meaning Human being.

 Our Cities and towns are becoming very dirty because of us. i remember some time back when the keep Zambia clean campaign was in full swing i was eating a banana and i threw the banana peal outside the car window and a little  girl that was a passenger in the car just said "Brian Keep Zambia Clean". Every one started laughing at me and ever since i am ashamed to throw litter. any how. i would walk around with a empty coca cola bottle until i get home or i find a bin to throw it.

Some friends ask me why the hassle of me trying to find a bin for me to throw the litter all when i can just throw it anywhere on the street. I bet we all ask our selves such questions to why we should bother when we can just throw and the council will find people to clean the streets. What if we all would have a mentality of keeping the cities clean? We are quick to say Lusaka is very dirty but what are you doing about it. why did you throw that choclate wraper on the street?

 Even in restaurants, its very disgusting you sit on a table and they are left overs all over the table. we usually say the is  someone paid to clean the table so why bother throwing my left overs in the bin that is usually 2 or 3 meters away. the same mentality is what is killing us and its these small habits that when left unaddressed are making our city and neighborhoods more dirty. It all begins with you.
 Lets Commend Madam Edith Nawakwi for not waiting to get to state house to make a difference.  This must be a lesson to all political office aspirants that they must first make a difference then that's when they should aspire to represent people.

we all have something we can do to make a difference and its the little thing we do that makes a big difference.
The Environment must be taken care of for the future generations to enjoy. It all begins  with you, Plant a tree in your yard, plant Grass, flowers. Its funny in Chalala that was a bush some 10 years ago one may its very rare to find a tree because they have all been cut down. you wonder how it wold be like in the next 10 years. one would have to go to the outskirts of town just to see a tree.

Thanks to the experience i had at Fist Quantum Minerals i now understand and am passionate about the environment and i learnt a Lot from the Environmental and safety Team that ensured that the environment was taken care of. it used to seem that the guys ware just trying to make things difficult but the ware and are doing service to the planet.

what if we all could throw our garbage in the right place?

let us support madam Edith Nawakwi in her quest to clean our city. this should  be something that is  above political affiliation. this should not only be done in Lusaka but all  over. we can volunteer to be a part of this program and make the world a better place.

Youths let us Volunteer to be a Part of the Green and Clean Team. You not doing anyone but your self a favor. I am Proud of what Madam Nawakwi and her team are Doing. and every well meaning Zambian should be proud


NB. Pictures from Edith Nawakwi's Facebook Page

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